Taxpayers in high property-tax states all over the country are fighting back, including packing up and moving to states where the property tax burdens are lower.

They find it particularly galling that tax bills continue to rise as home values decline, a common phenomenon. A recent survey by the National League of Cities reported that 25 percent of municipalities raised property taxes in 2009 to replace declining revenues.

In New Jersey and New York, voters threw incumbents they viewed as tax-and-spend officials out of office. In Michigan, there have been so many tax appeals that the tax court has 24,000 pending cases.

Some observers like Ted Lanzaro, a certified public accountant who handles taxes for clients in Connecticut, predict that people are running out of savings and some are simply going to stop paying taxes.

Lets not forget that some of our State officials are trying to overturn Prop 13.  That would be a disaster for homeowners. Further in my opinion, they would just waste the additional revenue just like they have in the past. The mentally so far has been increase taxes and forget about making sensible cuts in the State budget.